Not much information regarding my studies can be located here. I am more than willing to share the subjects I research with those who wish to know, however I am not comfortable sharing my collected data and research with people whom I do not know. I do hope someone finds interest in one of these topics and chooses to contact me with information regarding it, as well as an open mind. 

The Dream Eater: Lucid dreaming is the ability to control your own dreams intentionally and at will, and then being able to remember them clearly and in full detail come morning. I have only been researching this subject since the august of 2010. I haven't made much progress as it requires total devotion according to my colleagues who have completed their research.  I have a private research page for the Dream Eater that only my team can access.

Elements Of Energy: The elements of energy include the standard fire water earth and air, but also things on a more complex scale. These include light, darkness, spark, ice, wind, sky, animal, plant, electricity, lightning, storm, stone, metal, etc etc etc. I research the known and unknown elements of energy and see how they relate to the human mind, and how they can effect it.

Close Range Combat: I study different ways to use things as weapons. I enjoy unorthodox methods, and so I create my own ways to fight with weapons. Another thing I do is find a way to turn anything into a weapon, ranging from a pole to a shirt. Even a flash drive can be used as a weapon in battle, but more on a psychological level than a physical level.

Psychological Manipulation: The human mind is easy to manipulate if you know not to address the topic of manipulation directly. Absolute control is not something I have yet accomplished, however bending people's wills to fit my own has been an exceedingly simple challenge once I figured out how to go about it. As a matter of a fact, just because you are reading this I have already been able to get inside your mind to some extent and partially control you.

Time Travel & Parallel Universes: Believe it or not I've found a way to connect these two topics in a way that makes logical and mathematical sense. I have used several different theories, at this point not testable, all of which easily disprove the Grandfather Time Paradox. I still have research to do on this subject however.

Self Mind Manipulation: This is one of the things that I have used in order to eliminate certain senses at certain times, especially pain. It is a form of self hypnosis that can be used in order to take complete control of your mind and the messages it receives from your body. The only negative side effect I've found so far is a loss of balance. Using this I can do anything from not feeling a knife in my flesh to giving myself a psychedelic trip without any form of drugs. I have yet to push all the way to the psychedelic trip, and this is out of my own fears of losing track of reality if I were to do so.

Music & The Mind: What music you listen to can greatly effect your mind and the way in which it functions. I listen to such a wide range of music in order to help keep my mind as open as I possibly can. Recently I've been researching to see how strong bass in a song can effect my mind.

World Rhythm: It was and is believed by some that the entire universe runs on a steady and (mostly)unchanging rhythm. Well there is actually scientific proof that our universe is expanding, and the waves pushing it out happen to form a pattern. I've found that things in my environment also seem to coincide with one another forming a song of it's own, however not all the "instruments" are noises, some are smells, actions, temperatures, etc. I even find myself being able to predict the actions of others based on this rhythm when I manage to get on beat with it.

"Human-ocopter": For almost three years now I've been working on a certain project that I call the human-ocopter. It is a simple helicopter with a minimalist frame and seats only one person. It is powered by nothing more than that one person, and has a look similar to that of a gyrocopter. I've been working with a few people no it, one of whom is an aspiring teen engineer, the other is a military pilot.

Airship: Have you seen the classic depiction of an old wooden boat with some strange mechanics instead of sails? Well that's another thing that I'm working on the design for. I've begun looking into Da Vinci's air screw for inspiration, as well as the music video for Nightwish's "The Islander"

Human Predictability: There really isn't much I can say about this other than what it is, seeing as all of what I've learned seems to be subconsciously active. People follow the same patterns in their lives, even when they change a massive amount, they can still be as predictable as a character from a tv show. I can know someone for a year, then five years later, without having seen them the entire time, still be able to predict how they will react to different things in their environment or things I could say. No amount of change renders them unpredictable, however there are some people that I can't seem to get inside the minds of, and those are the ones I struggle with.

Reincarnation:  I don't know much about reincarnation, this is why the studies have begun.  I'm making this one topic open to the public, all of my research information and other things in relation can be found at this link.

 background image copyright Xyyme Mogal 2011 

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