Hello, my name is Xyyme Mogal, and welcome to my little world. I am a teenage male, my true identity is to remain unknown to all, and this is why I've taken up the name of Xyyme. Xyyme was a character that I created when I was much younger, he was the perfect version of me, the me capable of doing everything that I wanted to do, the me that I have been slowly turning into. Xyyme is pronounced as like lime, but starting with a Z instead of an L. The "Mog" in Mogal is said like bog, and the "gal" part is said like "all."

 My interests vary to such a degree that there are few things I don't like. I range from making my own weapons to listening to some Jack Johnson, or from creating my own font to beating the latest Square Enix game. I can one day be designing a complex machine while listening to Beats Antique, and then the next be watching an anime while drawing some abstract art. My researches have varied quite a bit too, however my main focus seems to usually be on the human mind. I've studied things such as lucid dreaming and meditation, as well as the interception of neurological messages to the brain.

One of my biggest focuses however, has always been philosophy and abstract thought. I enjoy pondering the ways in which reality could easily be being mispercieved by human minds. One of my philosophies regards peoples' choices in life, their "path" as it might be called..

"Fogged minds can't illuminate any path, but are blinded to any path whatsoever, and are capable of wandering off on journeys of curiosity and discovery. Whether headed to good or not, every path is lit in a way that contrasts out all other possibilities, leaving little option and leeway, but a fogged mind can't see these shadowy walls, making it easier to wander to new places."

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