I will be making more things available for download, from videos to music, as well as more programs.  All things will be my original works of course.  Most things will be in zipped folders that require a password of course, just to keep my stuff protected from thieves.

Lucidity Scale V6.zip Lucidity Scale V6.zip
Size : 433.194 Kb
Type : zip

The lucidity scale  is there to ask you questions about your dreams.  It will tell you how lucid your dream was in the form of a percent.  This version was last updated on 8/12/2011.  If you wish to use it you will need a program such as WinRAR to unzip/extract the file.  It is password protected, so if you wish to use it please contact me.  It is free, I just don't want to openly distribute it.  My contact info is on the home page.  Please enjoy, and feedback is always welcome.

I was sick with horrible congestion for a month or two.  after having a coughing fit I noticed the sound in my voice and the possibilities of what I could do with it.  I took hold of my mic, and got to recording.  I've done absolutely no editing whatsoever.

Screams From Hell.mp3 Screams From Hell.mp3
Size : 385.84 Kb
Type : mp3
your soul is mine.wma your soul is mine.wma
Size : 187.979 Kb
Type : wma

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